Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013:Through an Indian's eyes

As another year draws to its close,
Of good, bad and ugly, we had our dose
Corruption , once again, was a much-used word
But there was the Common Man who picked up the sword
In the North, Mother Nature chose to unleash its fury
With a lot of grief and pain , we had a lot of countrymen to bury
Aiming for the sky just got a whole new meaning
The pictures of our Red Planet Mission , the channels started beaming.
‘NaMo’ and ‘RaGa’ were nothing close to musical notes
It was all a war of words in the big bad Game of Votes
A right-handed batting God chose to call it a day
While another, with his racquet, is still winning his play.
India’s favourite league attracted quite a lot of dirt
As a new use of the towel , by the cricketing cry-baby, was given birth
At the box office , the films whose revenues did skyrocket
Made the viewers mostly keep their brains in the pocket
The Rupee , against the Dollar, seemed to be losing the fight
Until a certain King took over at the banking helm , with much foresight.
Crossing the seas, we lost a great African leader
We also remember all others whose absence will make the world poorer.
On a lighter note , we learnt it’s not just you and me
But even the world’s most powerful man likes taking a selfie.
With new dreams , new hopes and renewed love to the ones dear
Here’s wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

- Rudranil Ghosh

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