Friday, May 21, 2010

Watch Yo' language, dude!!

Sample this: My friend comes out from the exam hall . I ask,"hey, how did it go? " comes the reply, "Totally effed it up mahn!!!"....It took me a while to realize that the effed here stands for "F"-d...What the F does it suppose to mean anyway man!...copulating with the answer sheets?!!....The other day, this friend of mine brings this movie DVD to me and says, "This is super sh*tting awesome!!"...That's today's oxymorons for you!...(If you dont know what a oxymoron is, go look up some lexicon)

Now this one happened in my college lab. While I was failing to do some experiment on this machine (which did have a lot of screws) , my lab partner shouted at me, "Dude, you are screwing it up!!!"....Hearing this , the lab in-charge asks us, "ki??...kon screwta khule gelo?" (which screw fell off?).....He was ready to screw me up if  that happened!..

And what the hell is this 'dude' thing anyway?!....I guess today's mothers would be sayin to their children , " Beta, dude banna hai na???...toh doodh pilo"...( any of my BVB friends reading this, try remembering our official school farewell awards......ROFL!!)

Apparently, the style of appreciating the fairer sex has got a makeover too. This is how my friend greeted his girlfriend the other day, " Babe, u lookin choco!!!"....Now why choco??!!!...Ah well, maybe as sweet as chocolates (i hope they arent the dark bitter ones though) ....or maybe as hot as drinking chocolate...Could might as well have said-  U look bournvita, milo, boost...what not!!

Well, this can go on......but here i end now....peace out...And to my dear friends whom I have featured here, I hope I haven't p*ssed you off.....but if I have, I don't really give a sh*t....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Football Vs Terrorism....Ball vs the Gun....

Uniting and Dividing the World

                As the football world cup nears, the pages of the newspaper present two contrasting moods. The sports pages reflect a mood of celebration while the news on terrorism around the world present a grim picture.

In these times of  blood and gore, sports act as a perfect mean to take our minds off and immerse ourselves into something more "passionate",in the proper sense of the term.

Football  is a religion. Players play for their teams irrespective of what background they come from. As for the Gods, just wait to see them in action in South Africa soon.Terrorism , on the other hand, is wrongly driven by religion. Terrorists definitely do not have any religion because no religion would preach people to take guns in their hands and shoot people around.If you want to shoot, try shooting the ball into the goal.

Yes, David Beckham and Michael Ballack are definitely 'casualties' as they have been knocked out of the World Cup due to their injuries, and they would surely be missed.But then, they would be back to playing the game in the near future hopefully. This is nothing as compared to the daily casualties of terrorism, which are much more gruesome and somewhat intentional by these groups of misdirected people. It is something unpardonable and something which could have been avoided.

The real fight should be there on the field. Not the Battlefield, but the sporting field. Yes, there are headbutts and tackles in football as well. That's passion for you, because they play to win , wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Killing innocents is an act of cowardice . Culminating lives won't let these so-called servants of 'whatever'  redeem themselves  and get glorified in the eyes of the world.

 So here's hoping that the coming month and the future at large would let us forget the bloodshed and ease the pain all over the world. Rejoice in the beautiful game . Rejoice in life.