Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013:Through an Indian's eyes

As another year draws to its close,
Of good, bad and ugly, we had our dose
Corruption , once again, was a much-used word
But there was the Common Man who picked up the sword
In the North, Mother Nature chose to unleash its fury
With a lot of grief and pain , we had a lot of countrymen to bury
Aiming for the sky just got a whole new meaning
The pictures of our Red Planet Mission , the channels started beaming.
‘NaMo’ and ‘RaGa’ were nothing close to musical notes
It was all a war of words in the big bad Game of Votes
A right-handed batting God chose to call it a day
While another, with his racquet, is still winning his play.
India’s favourite league attracted quite a lot of dirt
As a new use of the towel , by the cricketing cry-baby, was given birth
At the box office , the films whose revenues did skyrocket
Made the viewers mostly keep their brains in the pocket
The Rupee , against the Dollar, seemed to be losing the fight
Until a certain King took over at the banking helm , with much foresight.
Crossing the seas, we lost a great African leader
We also remember all others whose absence will make the world poorer.
On a lighter note , we learnt it’s not just you and me
But even the world’s most powerful man likes taking a selfie.
With new dreams , new hopes and renewed love to the ones dear
Here’s wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

- Rudranil Ghosh

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Thing Called Love (An acrostic poem)

{An acrostic poem is one where the first letters of the lines spell out a word or words if you read them vertically}

That’s an exciting but tough road to travel , they say
However, we all try to find it and live happily all the way
Ethereal at first it seems 
The feeling that leads us to believe in beautiful dreams
Hope is what we hang on till the end
If we are lucky, the roads never bend.
No distance seems far enough
Genuine , if it is, withstands the times gentle and rough.
Crises and obstacles are part of the game
Anguish and anxiety are what at times we are left to tame.
Little affection , subtle expressions to show we care
Land up moments that set emotions to flare
Every length some go to, to open the heart’s gate
Despite it all , one role is always assigned to fate.
Little expectations, with time, lead to bigger ones
Often in control we feel, but life takes its own turns.
Valour ,sacrifice and passion- all look fine
Every story, but , takes its own end.. listens to the wish of neither your nor mine.

(if you read the first letter of each line of the poem vertically , it makes up - 'THE THING CALLED LOVE )