Monday, March 15, 2010

Living is important, not how many years we live!

I read this line a few days back, which made me lost in thoughts for quite some time.. So thought of penning down(rather typing down) what came to my mind.
Life- the one word which separates this planet from others of our galaxy(maybe)....which brings all of us into existence....when we are born, we don't just get a life, we get a chance to experience this wonderful world!...Life is a journey, but whatever the goal is , its the various ups and downs, joys and sorrows, ecstacy and pain, that makes it fulfilling. Its not the length or the distance of the journey, what matters is the pace at which we walk or run, how many times we pant for air and most importantly, who our companions are.
Its important to live life, take everyday as it comes and immerse oneself in it. If we think about whether we'll be there tomorrow or not, we are just failing the whole process. We should be intent on making the most of now. That's all we have in our hands.
On another note, don't we all hate getting old?...Then what's the point in living a hundred years and make our way into record books....In all probability, by then , we will be house to a bunch of diseases and our senile behaviour might turn out to be a major embarassment and disturbance to our loved ones. So whats the point!
There are other ways of becoming immortal if one wants to- doing something worthwhile in whatever span of life one has got!...Many names come to my mind who have left their footmark on this world in the short lives that they have got- Van Gogh, Anne Frank, Amelia Earhart,Kurt Cobain, Bhagat Singh and many others....all for the different contributions that they have made ..By this, I do not want to say that dying young is good, all i want to say is that whatever life we get , we got to make the most out of it.
As i write and you read this , your and my clock is ticking. So lets rock and roll!


  1. nthngs more special than childhood though...the most relaxed phase of life according to me...

  2. obviously, nothing compares to childhood..

  3. Well when all is said and done, more is said than done. But when it is a question of living, and not just existing, this was quite an immersive introspective piece.

  4. If i may have the liberty to comment,i agree with you..don't save time,savour it...